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A friend of mine is in a very tight financial situation and is doing tarot readings. You can check out her post here.
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Dear Knit Picks,

Your products are universally lovely, I must admit, and the prices are generally unbeatable. I own quite a bit of your yarn, and none of it is in the mental list of stuff I'm getting rid of. I've given you lots of my money, though admittedly not nearly as much as some of the people in the "Flash Your Purchase" thread on Ravelry. Those people are nuts, even you have to admit this.

But I'm moving in approximately seven weeks, and I'm on a mandatory yarn diet. In fact, I'm not really allowed to buy anything right now.

So why must you be so mean to me?

I managed to stay strong and not buy yarn, even when you and Webs sent me catalogs ON THE SAME DAY.
I resisted the allure of the Interweave Press Hurt Book Sale, because I don't need to bring any more books into the house, since I'm just going to have to move them.

See how strong I'm being? You should be proud of me! You should acknowledge that I'm a good person and a wonderful knitter and I deserve rewards.

What I don't deserve are emails that say, "You know that book on your wish list? It's 40% off. And discontinued. So if you want it, you should buy it now!"



I will be over here, sobbing hopelessly into my stash.

No love (at the moment),
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If you haven't heard yet, [personal profile] wrenstarling is doing One-Card Draws from her own bird oracle deck. Donations are accepted but not required, and the readings I've seen look both accurate and thoughtful.
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You know what I love about DW? The fact that "subscribe" and "access" are two different decisions. There are people I want to read that I don't necessarily want to let into my private life, and there are people who I want to let into my private life that I don't always have the energy to keep up with. So much drama was inherent in "friending" in LJ, and it pleases me to no end that I don't have to make those decisions any more.

Here's my philosophy on subscribing, unsubscribing, and access granting.

[personal profile] copperbadge refers to his subscribers as "Sam's Cafe," and I think that's a great way to think of it. An unlocked post is a conversation I'm starting in my cafe, and you're welcome to listen in or join in as it interests you. I reserve the right to boot you if you're being a poor guest, but otherwise, you can come and go as it pleases you. If you have interesting conversations in your cafe, too, I'm probably going to hang out there (i.e., subscribe). But if I get busy or I'm feeling shy, I may hang out there less, or stop joining in the conversation, or stop coming by for a while. It's generally not personal, and you're welcome to do the same as often as it pleases you.

Now, if I really like the conversations you have in my cafe, or the conversations I've had in yours, I might invite you back to my home for a conversation in my living room. The stuff I discuss here is more fraught, more personal, more introspective, than the kinds of things I'll discuss in public. I have occasional soirees where the topic of discussion is more sensitive (multiplicity, spirituality, ranting), and if you've been invited into my home, you're welcome to ask about joining one or more of those soirees, and I will generally extend an invitation to you.

If I invite you into my home (i.e., give you access), I'm hoping that you'll return the favor. There's a certain level of expectation in a friendship, that if you're in similar situations, you visit back and forth. The delightful thing about DW is that our virtual homes are essentially the same, so you don't have to worry about having enough seating for a crowd, or making sure everyone has something to eat, or if your living room is clean enough for company. But if I invite you over, and you don't ever invite me back, I might stop inviting you over, because that kind of friendship suggests a certain amount of reciprocity.

The thing is, if I extend an invitation for you to come over, you don't have to come. If you're busy, or tired, or trying to get laundry done, I don't expect you to drop everything just because I've invited you in. You can stop coming by at any time, for any reason, without prejudice. I hope that you'll treat me with the same courtesy.

Now, leaving the metaphor behind, what this means is that I don't have any expectation that you "should" read and actively keep up with my life or my journal just because I grant you access. I don't expect anyone besides [personal profile] finch to read the posts here or at my public blog, and I only expect that because he's my fiance and he stalks me. I'm pleased when people read my journal, and I'm pleased when people leave me comments, and you're welcome to read or not, and comment or not, as you have time/energy/inclination. I give people access (including access to the filters) because they've expressed an interest in reading. If you're going through a period where you don't have time to keep up with everyone on your list, by all means, feel free to unsubscribe from me. I won't take it personally, and it won't reduce my interest in you - especially if you're unsubscribing because you're feeling overwhelmed or you're out of spoons. I've been there. If I make a post I particularly want you to read, I'll drop you a comment or send you a PM. The posts I make can be upsetting, or triggering, and maybe you're in a space where you don't have the energy to deal with my angst. I also make occasional super-happy posts, and maybe you're in a space where you don't have the emotional fortitude to deal with how happy I am in my current relationship and how much I love my job - I've been in low places where I didn't want to handle someone else's happiness and success, because it depressed me. If I get busy or overwhelmed, I might temporarily unsubscribe from you, but I won't revoke your access, because I'm not going to stop inviting you over, to go back to that metaphor, because I don't feel up to leaving the house.

So that's where I stand.
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These are from [personal profile] birgitriddle.

1. What is something that you've always wanted to cook, but have never gotten the chance to make?

Bread baking, particularly sourdough. Last time I tried to get a sourdough starter going, it was too cold, and now that it's warmed up, I don't have time.

2. When choosing video games to play, what aspects of the video game do you look at?

Generally I look for things that other people whose tastes I trust have enjoyed. I also look for interesting characterizations/storylines, I look at franchises I've previously had fun with, and I look at the type of game. Even if everybody and their cat has loved it, if it's a game style I don't enjoy, I won't have fun with it, and I'm working on learning that. I generally love adventure games (Ocarina of Time is probably my all-time favorite, and I'm really enjoying Jax and Daxter right now), I like RPGs, fighting games are okay in small doses (which is why I didn't pick up the second Dissidia), but I can't play FPS or games with first-person camera angles at all. I have low tolerances for frustration; if I get stuck on a boss battle for a day or two, I tend to put the game down and not come back to it.

3. If you could thank anyone from the past (who is now dead) for what they've done for society, who would you thank?

That's... a really hard question, just because I have a hard time pinning societal change on the actions of a single person, rather than a larger movement. Maybe Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

4. What is your favorite flavor of gelato?


5. Besides knitting, what hobbies do you enjoy?

Spinning and weaving. Getting away from the fiber arts, I like reading, writing, video games, shopping (especially thrifting and antiquing), watching movies, eating, and travel.
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So [personal profile] seventhe asked me five questions. Leave me the most awesome picture or video you can find and I will do the same.

1. What do you think of Dreamwidth? Have you used any other journaling sites? When did you move here, and why, etc?

I love Dreamwidth. I started out on LJ (back when you had to be invited in!) and I wandered over to IJ briefly, but this is my favorite journaling site so far. I love how customizable it is, I love the responsiveness and integrity of the owners, I feel good having a paid account, but most of all I love the community, which has built up from nothing into someplace I spend most of my time. I moved over after some dumbass thing LJ did, and while I maintained an LJ-mirror for a while, I moved here permanently after some other dumbass thing LJ did. Now I only use LJ to keep track of a handful of people who haven't jumped ship yet.

2. HEY, KNITTING. What was your last project!

Last project I finished was a hanging dishcloth (I sewed the button on yesterday). I have the second sock of a pair, two shawls, a scarf, a pair of mittens, and a pair of fingerless gloves on the needles at the moment.

3. Do you have a degree? If so, what in? Where'd you go to school? How was the experience?

I have a B.A. with a double major in English Literature and Women & Gender Studies from Arizona State. I also spent two years at the community college getting my basics out of the way.

For the most part, I really enjoyed ASU, particularly my upper-division classes, which were overwhelmingly small and well-taught. As a liberal arts major at a university that is very fond of its business degrees, I generally felt like the proverbial redheaded stepchild in so far as the classrooms were usually small and crumbling. The Women's Studies Department didn't have its own space until the last year or so I was in school, so classes were offered all over campus, which gave me a fairly unique perspective of the way the college looked. The people I worked with, though, were uniformly fantastic.

4. Favorite FF pairing(s), and a bit about them?

Squall/Rinoa. Tseng/Rufus. Tidus/Yuna. What I like in relationships is genuine depth of feeling, connection, and mutual support. I like relationships that outsiders can't quite see into, but that are obvious that there's something true going on. I like playing with power dynamics, I like people who need one another, and I love "I can't quite explain it, but you just make my life better." What struck me about Tidus is how he just wanted to help Yuna, to make her life easier and her burden lighter, because he cares about her. I love how Rinoa is able to draw Squall out, when Quistis never quite managed it. I love the Turks' dedication to Rufus.

5. You can only eat one thing for the next week. what is it?

Pasta. It's incredibly versatile, comes in all different shapes, can be prepared a million ways. I should've been Italian.
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Granted, I'm very early in the book. But I've never seen anyone mention all the lesbian innuendo before.

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I just went through my subscription list and removed access for people who don't give me access, because it feels kind of weird. So, if you suddenly can't see my locked posts, that's why. If this was an oversight on your part, go ahead and give me access and I'll restore yours. :)

Also, I'm thinking about filters, so please let me know if you want on filters for multiplicity, spirituality, and/or personal rants.

That is all. Please carry on.


May. 3rd, 2011 10:54 pm
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If you want to follow the wacky hijinks of Chastity and her vampire friends, watch [community profile] phx.
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This is my amnesty fic for [community profile] kink_bingo

Title: Two Reactions
Pairings/Characters: Graverobber/Amber
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There are two reactions to street Zydrate, after all, and I have the second one every single time, even when I'm using the gun on someone else.
Word Count: 620
Warnings: Drug use, implied noncon.

ETA: No, I didn't post a fic that involved fucking outside on the first of May on purpose. THE UNIVERSE MAKES THINGS HAPPEN LIKE THAT.

She walks like she owns the damned world. )
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We're putting the Exalted game on hiatus for awhile, and [personal profile] finch is going to be running a Phoenix After Dark game (old-school World of Darkness). This is the background for my character.

Meet Chastity. )
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My life in one sentence:

My birthday was wonderful, and the day following it was even better.

An announcement:

Who has two thumbs and a job?


A learning experience:

Sport weight yarn and baby weight yarn are not the same thing, even though it seemed like they should be.
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So the Exalted game we've been playing for the past few months has hit a natural stopping point, and we as a group agreed to skip ahead, letting the party go their separate ways for a while and take care of their own business. We came to this decision tonight.

I originally wrote the following scene on February 28. Dear universe: it would be awesome to be psychic about something other than my roleplaying game. This is the second time it's happened and it doesn't get less weird. Thank you.

Lotus and Hammer meet again. )
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Dear Moogle Claus,

Better late than never, I hope! This is my first year actively participating in the exchange (I pinch-hit last year), and I'm very excited!

Generally, I like good characterization, interesting relationships, slice-of-life/missing scenes, backstory, frontstory (that would be the opposite of backstory, right? stuff that happens after canon?), basically anything that acknowledges our characters as real people who have real lives aside from/outside of/before the plot. I'm not into stories whose problems could be solved by the characters taking five minutes to talk to each other like adults, or rooted in misunderstanding/wrong assumptions/pretending to be something they're not. (I don't like 85% of sitcoms for this reason.)

Beyond that, go with whatever rating the story demands - I'm really a big fan of turning the characters loose and letting them wreak havoc dictate. Sex, violence, whatever you need to go for. The only squicky areas I have are non/dubcon, emotional or physical abuse, and humiliation.

Specifics on the prompts )
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There was International Women's Day! Which is good, and I didn't miss exactly, so much as I didn't quite get around to writing about it.

But a lot of people are writing female characters in celebration, and I'm into that too. So. After the comments link, leave a prompt. Any female character I've written, original or any fandom you know I'm into. If I haven't written your female character of choice, leave the prompt anyway. I might say yes. But I reserve the right to say no.
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[personal profile] delight is facing some serious problems, including her mother's insurance company refusing to authorize a life-saving surgery, and living in an unsafe place. She is accepting Paypal donations, and [community profile] helpfordelight has been created to help her. I am offering a pair of fingerless gloves, and other people are offering other stuff. Go! Check it out! Bid! Or offer your own skills/creations/etc!
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Put in a letter of the alphabet in the address bar, and see what the top website is. (And if you play along, be nice; outing yourself is fine; outing other people by giving links to their kinks is not.)

I keep two browsers open most of the time, so I don't have to log into and out of various accounts on various sites. I went through Firefox and it was really boring - lots of repeats, mostly Ravelry hits. So have Safari instead! ...I don't promise that it's really any more interesting.

Safari )

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