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See subject line. We had Thanksgiving dinner with [personal profile] vigilantism, [personal profile] nightmachinery, and [personal profile] tuneinanytime. I made the turkey, they made everything else, which is actually not a bad division of labor at least as far as I was concerned.

I do turkeys Alton Brown style. There are actually two different turkey recipes out there with his name attached to it: one is from Good Eats and involves a huge list of spices in a brine that is mostly vegetable stock, and the other is from his book and is MUCH simpler. Of course, I'm running around like a crazy person last night, looking at the recipe online, trying to gather all the ingredients together, going I KNOW I MADE HIS TURKEY LAST YEAR, I MUST HAVE THESE SPICES IN MY KITCHEN. So I picked up a turkey, an onion, an apple, and a bunch of vegetable stock and then we headed back to the hardware section to get a five-gallon bucket. Last year we ended up picking up a disposable styrofoam cooler, which leaked brine all over my kitchen floor. Not repeating that mistake. We hunt all through hardware and camping goods, and can't find a bucket big enough. The only empty buckets we can find are mop buckets; this recipe calls for marinating the 13-pound turkey in 2+ gallons of liquid. We need a BIG bucket. The employee in hardware turns to us and very sadly informs us that they don't carry them any more. (Apparently they didn't sell? Whatever.) He says that another store had 8 of them in stock earlier, and if we go up to customer service they can call over there and have them hold one for us. I send [personal profile] finch up there while I look for a disposable roasting pan. (I am a big believer in disposable roasting pans. I cook turkeys once or twice a year; I am not going to invest in a real roasting pan that I will have to store 363 days out of the year. Last year I made EVERYTHING in disposable pans, so all we had to do at the end of the meal was throw the dishes away. This decision is why [personal profile] finch is still dating me.)

Anyway, while I'm hunting up the roasting pan, he has the brilliant idea to use a plastic storage bin instead of a bucket. We find one of an appropriate size ("Why are you putting your turkey in that plastic bin?" the woman behind us in the aisle asks. "Let me tell you about Alton Brown's turkey-making," I said. Apparently she roasts her turkeys upside-down to keep the breast from drying out. I can't imagine having to FLIP OVER a hot turkey.)

Eventually, we arrive home with our supplies, and I start hunting around my kitchen for the spices that should be there.

I can't find them.

Frantic, I pull out Alton's book (previously I'd been looking at the recipe online) and realize that he has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT recipe for turkey, AND I have most of the ingredients to make it. It calls for chicken broth rather than vegetable stock, and I have fresh orange juice rather than frozen, but this morning I put together a slightly bastardized version of the two recipes. I also roasted it with half an onion and an apple in the cavity (akin to the Good Eats version) and I rubbed it down with olive oil rather than canola. It worked beautifully.

Got a bunch more rows done on the Seafoam Shawl, a few more rounds on the Beer Gloves, watched pumpkins being hurled across a field on the Discovery Channel, and tomorrow morning I have to go to work. So for now, I'm going to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. You are all one of the things I'm thankful for.
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So I was staring at the Beer Gloves pattern on the train this morning, fucking around with the part I was confused about, when suddenly I had a blinding revelation and was able to proceed. Sometimes knitter shorthand is annoyingly vague.

I got through a complete repeat of the cable pattern, around to the next row that requires cabling, decided I didn't want to attempt to cable without a needle on the train, and therefore switched to the Seafoam Shawl (which I don't carry around much any more because it's too big and heavy) and did another row. Possibly two? I wasn't quite counting.

Fighting with the Argyle State scarf last night I discovered that I had the wrong number of stitches somehow, so I'm going to have to rip back and try again. "Ripping back" at this point involves frogging exactly two rows, so better now than later. But I have several rows of the pattern written out and I'm getting the hang of working with two balls of yarn at once, so I have high hopes for my ability to succeed on the second attempt.

As to why I hate Thanksgiving? You know the guy who decided that we needed to keep the shit that comes out of and off of the turkey INSIDE the turkey, so that some poor woman has to reach into the cold cavity and pull out the neck, then flip the damned thing over and pull out a squishy damp package of giblets? Yeah, he's the reason I hate Thanksgiving. They don't do this with chickens. They don't do it with spare ribs, either pork or beef; they don't do it with London broil or lamb chops or ANYFUCKINGTHING ELSE. WHY must holiday festivities be preceded with "Step 1: molest a turkey?" Why can't they package this shit OUTSIDE the turkey for the handful of weirdos who see it as something other than garbage? These organs are dead, gentlemen: I DO NOT WANT THEM. Send them to Recycling.

In other news: this is the weirdest thing I've seen all day. Weirder than this and much weirder than this. (That last one? Involves Colin Firth as a sex kraken. And Eames with a tuba. I have no idea.) I saw all three of those images in rapid succession, starting with the tuba.
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