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Before you approach the counter?

Take the headphones out, so when I ask you a question, you can hear me.

Finish texting. Don't creep toward the counter bent over your phone.

No, we still don't have any group study rooms, and my psychic powers still don't allow me to determine when they're due back. And if they did, I wouldn't tell you anyway.

One more hour to go.
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1. Basic understanding of how the library works AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER will make me happier to help you. If you CANNOT FIND THE STACKS, you are clearly too dumb to live be in college. Also and unrelatedly, how do you get to be in college and not know how to find information on a topic? If nothing else, at least two of the first classes you're required to take includes sections on how to use the library.

2. "First come, first served" means exactly that. It doesn't mean that special you gets a phone call when a room becomes available, even if you're "still in the library" just because you were "here first" when there weren't any rooms available. I assure you, you're very far from being the first person to ask about the study rooms since the last key went out. You want a study room, stalk the board like everyone else. Also, when the room does come in, it wouldn't hurt to be nice to me.

3. It never hurts to be nice to me. I'm MUCH more inclined to go out of my way to help you out, rather than giving you the rote answers, if you're nice about it.

4. Group study rooms are for GROUPS. That means I need to see that you're part of a group before I can check it out to you. Also, not to be a catty bitch, but it's 4:30 in the afternoon; try and wear makeup appropriate for the library in the middle of the day, rather than midnight at the club. Otherwise I'm going to wonder if you didn't wash your face when you came home last night.

5. Because I am not psychic to that degree, I don't know when we're going to have rooms available. I'm not supposed to tell you when they're due back, either, because would you want someone to know when YOUR room was due back?

6. The answer to your question is no. Because I'm really tired of you. Now go away.

Less than two hours into a seven-hour shift. Please kill me now.

ETA: 7. This is not a retail store, you can't request something be pulled and have it pulled within the hour. As it tells you on the web site, it can take UP TO A WEEK. Usually it takes much less than that, but give us 24 hours, for crying out loud.
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It's 10:49. I have a ten-minute presentation and a five-page paper due tomorrow at 1:30. I skipped my internship today so I could stay home and work on them. I haven't actually started either one. I'm struggling with a complete inability to focus, a total lack of inspiration, and I just wish the semester were over already. I hate this class, I could've taught this class better than the professor, I question virtually every decision she's made in teaching (including the books she selected), and I just have not words. The last thing I want to do is write a paper for her.

The thing that really upsets me is that we read a book, The Scalpel and the Silver Bear, for my Women as Healers class. It's written by the first female Navajo surgeon, and I really wish I could write my paper about THAT, but we have to write about the absolute shit we had to read for the second half of the semester. Also (and I've had this problem in virtually every English class I've taken) I can't find supporting documentation about what I actually want to talk about. WHY DOES SOMEONE ELSE NEED TO HAVE HAD AN OPINION FIRST? MY OPINIONS ARE AWESOME.

Hate hate hate hate this.
ambersweet: I'm killing you in my novel. (killing you)
I finished [personal profile] finch's Driver Gloves tonight, weaving in the ends and attaching the D-rings. I also wove the ends in on the Seafoam Shawl; I'll be taking it up to Fantasia tomorrow to see if the psychic who accosted me still wants it now that it's finished.

We went to a couple of thrift stores today. This particular chain has 50% off sales on the holidays. [personal profile] finch scored a gorgeous pair of boots, I picked up a book (Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank; I haven't read it since high school so we'll see how it holds up) and several sweaters to unravel for yarn. Then I spent a couple of hours snipping threads on the living-room floor and making black-and-white yarn balls. I'm learning a lot about sweater construction, which should help when I actually start to make a sweater. I'm thinking about making a pink dinosaur hoodie for my dinosaur-loving niece, because how awesome would that be? It has spikes up the hood and down the back and it may be the cutest thing ever.

Spent the first couple of hours of my shift tonight finishing my objects, then I started working on my homework.t

I'm taking a seminar this semester called Research on Women and Crime, which started out a profoundly upsetting class, just in general. We started out on domestic violence (which, yeah) and then moved on to abortion and prostitution. (The prostitution class was held debate-style, in which emotions ran very high, and one particularly vocal member of the anti-prostitution group hasn't come back to class at all.) We've also read about drug crimes, juvenile justice, women in prison, and women leaving prison. (We're going out to tour the women's prison later this month.) So the last few weeks, while anger-making, haven't been nearly as personal as the first few.

So the articles I'm reading for Monday's class are on transgender inmates. I'm reading "'Trapped' in Sing-Sing: Transgendered Prisoners Caught in the Gender Binarism" by Darren Rosenblum. (It's a 75 page .pdf file. My eyes, they're bleeding.) Now what I didn't realize when I started reading it was that it was written in 2000. A lot has changed since 2000. But I'm reading the article and screaming at the author for the transfail beneath are my reactions to a couple of pages; they're going into my response paper, so they're semi-academic in tone, until the point where I just start capslocking everywhere. )

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