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This is my amnesty fic for [community profile] kink_bingo

Title: Two Reactions
Pairings/Characters: Graverobber/Amber
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There are two reactions to street Zydrate, after all, and I have the second one every single time, even when I'm using the gun on someone else.
Word Count: 620
Warnings: Drug use, implied noncon.

ETA: No, I didn't post a fic that involved fucking outside on the first of May on purpose. THE UNIVERSE MAKES THINGS HAPPEN LIKE THAT.

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Title: Keeping Up Appearances
Pairings/Characters: Luigi/Amber
Rating: PG
Summary: We still need to keep up appearances, after all: incest is one of the last remaining taboos.
Word Count: 379
Warnings: Implied incest, post-opera.

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There's been a LOT of stuff flying lately about authorial opinions on fanfic, and essentially whether we have the right to it, and so on. I'm sure everybody's read themselves sick on it, or chosen to ignore it because we all have the same arguments every year or two with a different group of authors.

Obviously I think fanfic's okay. Fanfic is modern-day storytelling, the kind of remixing that happened around campfires and hearthfires for thousands of years before the concept of copyright was invented. What the Brothers Grimm collected was fanfic. Paradise Lost is fanfic. Most of Shakespeare is fanfic. The modern fairy-tale retellings are fanfic, Star Trek novels are fanfic, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is fanfic. Dave Barry wrote Peter Pan fanfic. Modern-day comics writers are essentially writing fanfic for Batman and Superman and Spider-Man. (HERE ARE MORE EXAMPLES!) People have been telling and retelling and recreating stories since the telling of stories began, changing things around to suit the tale they're telling and their audience. It only got complicated in the last century or so, when people (and corporations) were able to take their stories and say, hey, this is MINE and you can't have it unless you pay me for it. I don't have a problem with copyright. The problem is when you say that something is protected, then all the people who were inspired by that story, to do something with the story, are now somehow committing a violation when they do what they've been doing all along.

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This is for the 3 Weeks for Dreamwidth Transfic Mini-Fest, which is awesome, btw, and worth checking out.

The prompt was, X-Men, any student at the Xavier School. "Everything changes but you." I hope I did it justice.

Title: They Tell You
Pairings/Characters: Nameless MtF, Jean Gray
Rating: G
Summary: It wasn't bad enough, it wasn't hard enough, you want to demand of someone but you don't know who to ask.
Words: 230
Requested by: [personal profile] lilacsigil
Warnings: Second person?

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