ambersweet: Emily & Dan from Epsilon Tales (Emily & Dan)
This is [personal profile] finch's universe, a future fic following "The Heart is Deceitful."

Title: Five Minutes
Pairings/Characters: Emily/Dan (aka Blossom/Tenebras)
Rating: G
Summary: Emily is a victim of the Anti-Supervillain Law
Words: 505

“Fre-e-e-e-esh meat!” A woman’s deep voice rang out down the corridor, followed by laughter and whistling. Emily, cheeks burning, kept her head down. It still felt like a nightmare – a particularly humiliating nightmare, like the sort that involved being in front of the class in your underwear, only worse. Strip-searches made everything worse.

There was a part of her brain that still couldn’t believe this was happening. She’d only been arrested three times in her life: once, before she met Dan, a prank gone bad had led to six months of probation; once with him, at a protest for supers’ rights (“It’s the principle of the thing,” he’d said, and she’d agreed); and this time, another protest turned near-riot, and she’d only used her powers to keep anyone from getting hurt, the sun had come out from behind the clouds, with not a shadow in sight, and suddenly she was subject to California’s “three strikes” law. Three convictions involving meta powers, no matter how minor, meant a mandatory sentence of twenty-five to life.

She’d only spent a single night in jail before now.

As a “supervillain,” she’d be kept from the general population in maximum security from the beginning, locked into a single cell 24 hours a day. If she behaved herself for a month, they’d told her, she could earn the right to have an hour’s recreation, by herself, locked in a chain-link cage eight feet square in the middle of the yard. In time, she could work her way down to a medium security yard, but it would never be any less than that. Supervillains were dangerous, after all.

The guard smirked as he opened the cell door. It was solid steel, just a window between her and the world. The cell behind it was cold concrete, eight by ten, a thin mattress on a hard bunk, a toilet and sink, a shelf. Nothing else. “Supervillain,” she whispered, and the door closed behind her.

She sat on the floor and thought about Jacob, wondering what Dan would tell him when Mommy didn’t come home.

It would be night soon, she told herself, and even if Dan didn’t come tonight, or tomorrow, he would come soon. Soon, and he’d know which countries didn’t have extradition treaties, and which countries found America’s super laws barbaric, and where their little family could go to be safe. All they had to do was turn the lights out, and her life could begin again.

“Lights go out in five minutes!” echoed down the corridor, and she smiled.

Outside her cell, the lights dimmed.

Her lights stayed on.

“What’s up with the lights?” she asked the guard when he stopped in front of her cell a little while later.

“Special orders for you,” he told her, not unkindly. “Your lights stay on 24 hours a day. If you want I can see if I can find a sleep mask.”

She managed to thank him and give him a smile before she buried her face in her knees and sobbed.
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