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Dear Yuletide Author,

If you were matched with me... we should already be friends! Why aren't we friends? (Or maybe we are and you're just awesome at keeping secrets.)

So this year's theme (I never set out to have a theme, but it tends to kind of happen) is ALIVE AND TOGETHER.

In general, I like moody, textured pieces that convey depth. I'm open to any rating, I prefer serious to funny, I like clever and thoughtful. I love, love, LOVE healthy romantic relationships and interactions that suggest that the characters see their partners as equal people, not trophies or pets or something to be humored/despised. Sitcom interactions make me want to vomit.

You have my AO3 name, you can see what I've written and bookmarked to get more specific ideas about what makes me happy.

Not that I think any of these are really possible with my requests, but! Squicks include dubcon (or more) and ANY kind of abuse, ESPECIALLY emotional. (I have been a victim of DV, I find it deeply triggering, please don't even think about it.)

So! Now that we've got that out of the way, here's my list.

Request 1: Sarantine Mosaic - Guy Gavriel Kay

Valerius and Alixana! I love them as a couple. Something sweet and moody, precious time alone together.

If this is what we matched on, I love you already. I've had really fabulous luck with a Kay fan writing Yuletide for me (it's here, if you like Tigana too) so I am filled with hope and excitement over this. Valerius and Aliana have a wonderfully complex, adult kind of love, but at the same time it's so very evident that it IS love that they share. They don't get enough time alone together; please give them some more.

Request 2: Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant


Shaun and George, together and alive! This can be before Feed, in stolen moments together, or after they're back together. If any pair ever deserved a happy ending, it's them. Really.

Feed is my favorite book of all time (it made me cry TWICE), and Shaun and Georgia are my OTP. Whether it's early stolen moments, or later, when they get ALL THE MOMENTS together, I love their interactions and how devoted they are to each other.

Request 3: Uglies Series - Scott Westerfeld

I don't normally need fix-it fic, but oh, how I want some for this. Zane deserved better. You can even handwave him surviving! SOMEHOW HE MADE IT. IT WAS MAGIC. AU during the books, immediately afterwards, far in the future, I don't care. Just... Tally and Zane, alive and together. (This is somehow a thing for me this year, I guess.)

Confession time: if David had been nominated, I would've requested a fix-it futurefic when he and Tally and Zane and Shay (or some subset thereof) were in a lovely complicated poly thing. But he wasn't, and I didn't notice until too late, so I can't officially request that. But, you know, if you wanted to write it for me anyway, I promise not to tell on you. IT CAN BE OUR SECRET. If "complicated poly thing" isn't your bag, Tally/Zane is awesome, Tally/Shay with bonus alive!Zane friendship is awesome, even Tally and alive!Zane friendship fic alone would be awesome. JUST PLEASE SAVE ZANE FROM HIS UNTIMELY DEMISE, SOB.

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