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As I said, my Knit Picks package arrived, and the yarn is beautiful, and I've started on [personal profile] crankyoldman's Beer Gloves. I'm using the Magic Loop technique for the first time, which is a lot less confusing than it seemed to be before. Time will tell whether I'm going to stick with it or go back to double-pointed needles. I am one of those strange people who doesn't have a problem working with DPNs, probably because I'm an insanely tight knitter. Anyway, I had a couple of false starts - the first start cast on beautifully, but I used the number called for in the pattern, and I did a couple of rows and went, "That is WAY too big," so I cut ten stitches, which was an odd number when divided in half (that doesn't work well when you're doing a 2X2 rib), so I dropped two more and then proceeded to use the tail for the working yarn for the first row, so I had to pull it all out anyway and then decided that was too small, so I added four back. I've done a round and it looks good, so I'm going to keep going and try it on again in a couple of rounds to make sure it works. Fortunately Cendri and I have similar sized hands (tiny, with long fingers), so as long as they fit me, they should be fine on her.

The most challenging part of this pattern is going to be adjusting it from Man Size to Tiny-Handed Lady size, I think. I've got a couple of inches of ribbing to do before I have to worry about if or whether I'm going to adjust the cable size.

The other exciting knitting-related event was my boss picking the pattern he wants for the scarf he's commissioning from me, and giving me the materials down payment. Amusingly, it's another pattern from the book that the Beer Gloves comes from - an Uncle Argyle Scarf from Son of Stitch 'N Bitch. It's a great pattern book in general, a mix of knit and crochet projects for male recipients. I have several patterns in the book tagged to make for [personal profile] finch, and the Uncle Argyle Scarf was one that I loved that he didn't. So I'm excited for the opportunity to make it, and my boss seems to have a genuine appreciation for handknits that you don't usually see in a) non-crafters and b) men.

So, on the agenda for this weekend is a trip to at least one LYS (Local Yarn Store) to see if I can find some Cascade 220 in Gryffindor my college's colors. My life, it is so difficult.
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[personal profile] finch being out of work for three weeks hurt us a lot, to be perfectly frank. We got some help from his parents, which kept it from being fatal, but we're still struggling to catch up, plus we have to pay them back. I'm working two jobs, but only one pays, and that one not much. (One of these days I'll write up my rant about the classism inherent in unpaid internships. This is not that day.)

However, what I can do is knit and crochet, which is something... not a lot of people do? I guess? I'm thinking about turning semi-professional, but I need to try it out a little first.

That's where you guys (and your respective networks) come in.

Is there a handmade project you've always wanted? (Say, a Jayne Cobb hat from Firefly or your VERY OWN Evil Wil Wheaton amigurumi? Sleeves for your Rinoa cosplay? A bacon scarf? A house scarf in Hufflepuff colors?) Do you need an awesome hat, mittens, or scarf for the impending SUPER COLD SEASON? Is your office cold enough to hang meat in, so a pair of fingerless gloves is all that's standing between you and frostbite? Do you need a gift for a family member or friend?

I'm taking commissions. I'll be charging approximately 2.5 times the cost of yarn, which means that it can really be as expensive or as cheap as you want. On the other hand, small projects like hats will use up a single skein (or maybe two) of yarn, so it's a good way to splurge on a nice luxury fiber without breaking the bank.

While my Ravelry page has everything I've done on it, you can only get there if you have your own Ravelry account. I do have a Picasa album that has a bunch of finished projects up, for your inspiration or motivation or to see that yes, I can produce finished objects.

If you want your project by Christmas, it should be either small or crocheted! (Or both!) I am a VERY fast crocheter.

One thing I'm really hesitant to do is sweaters, just because I've never made one before, so I don't want to subject someone else to my learning curve, but if you have something in mind and you don't care if it takes me a while to figure it out, we can talk.

I've noticed, since I've started knitting, that there are awesome (geeky) knit objects EVERYWHERE. I mentioned Jayne and Harry Potter, but did you notice the beautiful fingerless gloves Ramona's wearing in my icon? Penny has a beautiful pair in Dr. Horrible, and the Twilight films are FULL of beautiful knit items.

So, yeah! Drop me a note, feel free to pass this around (please?) to people you know!

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