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My ex was a huge BPAL fiend. Huge. Now, I really like BPAL too, but not nearly to the degree that she did. But I had a good-sized collection of imps, as you do, all living cozily in a drawer in my armoire. My armoire which I had to clean out, because we sold it. You see where this is going, right?

I can't look at this pile of imps without thinking about her, which means I am never going to use any of them. I can't even put on my favorite BPAL scent, which I have a bottle of, without getting upset. I considered throwing them out, but it seems like a tremendous waste, so I have determined to find them new homes, and you folks get first crack, because I love you all.

Imps, for those of you who are not BPAL-savvy, are 1/32 ounce - tester size, but you use a small enough amount that, if you wore it every day, an imp would last between 4-6 weeks. It's certainly enough to determine whether you want the full-sized bottle, and they're fantastic if you aren't the type who wants to wear the same perfume every day.

(I am also the type of girl who has a signature scent, which means that most of these imps are completely unused, and many of them have never even been opened to be sniffed.)

List of available scents, prices, etc. )

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