Feb. 20th, 2012

ambersweet: Go ahead! Panic! Do it now and avoid the June rush! (Go ahead! Panic!)
As some of you may have already heard, last week my car decided it was going to finally turn the niggling little problem that we hadn't been able to nail down into a serious major issue that had to be fixed immediately. Of course, none of it was covered by the limited warranty, and repairing it involved a part that cost $500 all by itself and a complete tune-up, plus considerable labor to identify the problem in the first place, plus five days with a rental car since the aforementioned problem took three days to diagnose and the part had to be shipped from Los Angeles, and there was a weekend in there. When I have a problem, it's got to be a really weird one, of course. And not cheap.

So, hoping to raise a little bit to help ease the sting of this massive expense, I'm breaking out the Tarot cards.

- One-card draw is free.

- $5 for three cards.

- $10 for a seven-card full reading.

Everyone who donates $10 or more will be entered into a drawing. The winner will receive a hand-knit hat made by yours truly.

Feel free to signal boost, etc.

ETA: I am happy to provide answers via PM, or I can do live readings via AIM. (I'm zydratestarling.)

ETA the Second: I've had a lot of responses to this! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm working my way down the list, and I will get to everyone. If you have a specific question you would like a reading about, please send it via PM or email. Thank you!

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