May. 30th, 2010 06:07 pm
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Spent the weekend at Phoenix Comicon, which had a better-than-average mix of awesome to irritating, which I'm pretty sure that [personal profile] finch is going to get into in great detail, so I'll leave that to him.

I'm going to, instead, reveal my secret projects.

[personal profile] finch and I are both comic book geeks. So on Free Comic Book Day, we went to several comic book stores. The organizers of Phoenix Comicon, in their infinite wisdom, realized that the sorts of people who would be showing up for FCBD would be exactly the sorts of people who might come to their con, and cleverly arranged to have tables at several of those comic book stores. They have flyers! Flyers that announce that both John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton will be at the con! We decide to go.

[personal profile] finch suggests that I should make John Scalzi a Bacon Scarf. (If you're not familiar with the relationship he has with bacon, I suggest googling "bacon on my cat." It's the first hit. If you have some time to kill, you can skip straight to The Canonical Bacon Page, which includes a picture of the bacon taped to Ghlaghghee [pronounced "Fluffy"] and many other bacon-related links.) I seize upon this idea with such enthusiasm that I head to the store the selfsame afternoon to get started on this project immediately. Immediately, as in, I buy a new crochet hook ("Honey, what would be a good hook size for bacon?") because I can't even wait to get home to get started.

Having acquired some good bacon-colored yarn and a hook (Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red and Off White and a size H hook), we adjourn to a cafe and I pull out my iPhone to do some serious bacon-scarf-related research. Surely there is a pattern out there.

I google "bacon scarf."

There are several bacon scarves out there. There are even a couple of crocheted bacon scarves out there. But I wasn't really happy with any of them. So I headed to Lion Brand, as you do, and perused their scarves. Nothing I could use. Okay, well, back to google, to look for ideas beyond bacon.

I end up modifying the Coats and Clark Crochet Ripple Scarf, reducing the colors from three to two, and altering some of the changeover so that one of the stripes is uneven.

Saturday at con, I managed to track down Mr. Scalzi and give it to him, and he both Tweeted and blogged about it. I am so incredibly thrilled that he liked it, because near the end I was having serious doubts about whether he already had a bacon scarf, and he's probably tired of bacon, and so on, all that sort of self-defeating thought process that eats your face when you're a creative person.

Guys, we went to the panel on Sunday and he was still wearing it and he talked about it and asked if I was in the audience so everyone could clap for me. I got excited, I made stuff, and John Scalzi liked it.

So while I'm in the planning stages for the Bacon Scarf, I'm thinking about Wil Wheaton, and how I'm going to the con to see him, too, and so I should do something for him. "I should make an Evil Wil Wheaton amigurumi," I say to [personal profile] finch, mostly to see how it would sound out loud.

I've never made an amigurumi before, but I made a plushie winged pig for [personal profile] finch's sister, and a cactus in a pot for my dad (don't ask), so I have at least a little bit of an idea of how to make three-dimensional crocheted objects. I also recently acquired Creepy Cute Crochet, and decided to modify the Corporate Zombie pattern for Evil Wil (mainly because his shirt and pants are different colors).

Evil Wil Wheaton is all in the details. He's wearing this shirt. He is angry. He has a beard.

There is quite a bit of embroidery on my little amigurumi.

I didn't manage to give it to Wil until Sunday morning, by which point he'd already seen some cross-stitched Crushers, and I was seriously doubting the awesomeness of it. Until I gave it to him and he lit up. "I must tell Twitter about the existence of this," he says to me very seriously, and asks me what it's called (and how to spell it) and then sends this Tweet including a picture. At this point, it looks like 19 people have retweeted it and 14,415 people have looked at the pic. ("450 people have seen this while we've been standing here talking," he says to me.)

I am so unbelievably thrilled by the whole thing; both men were just so nice and gracious and flattered, and I feel fantastic. FANTASTIC.

It's good to be a fan.

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