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So the Exalted game we've been playing for the past few months has hit a natural stopping point, and we as a group agreed to skip ahead, letting the party go their separate ways for a while and take care of their own business. We came to this decision tonight.

I originally wrote the following scene on February 28. Dear universe: it would be awesome to be psychic about something other than my roleplaying game. This is the second time it's happened and it doesn't get less weird. Thank you.

Lotus and Hammer meet again. )
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As I mentioned, [personal profile] crankyoldman played with us when she was visiting, and the character she played was Lotus's bodyguard, Gray Waterfall. She was also gracious enough to sit down with me and work out what his reaction to finding out that his young charge had Exalted as a Solar would be. This is what resulted.

In the inn, after Lotus has killed for the first time. )
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So I've been playing this Exalted game with [personal profile] finch, [personal profile] nightmachinery, [personal profile] starfleet, and [personal profile] tuneinanytime. (Last weekend we had a special guest, [personal profile] crankyoldman.) We all started out pre-Exalted, and let the DM pick what we would Exalt as, and when, during the course of the game. Now, my character (who's twelve years old) is from one of the big Families of Dragonblooded, and his only goal in the world was to Exalt as a Dragonblood and take his place in his Caste. Two weeks ago, he a Solar.

If you don't know anything about Exalted, it's totally medieval Otherkin. Right around puberty, (some) people Exalt - at which point they reconnect to the ancient power that they used to be, and become shiny and sparkly. The world is run by the Dragonblooded, who took over by killing off everybody else and then telling all their descendants that everybody else is evil and wrong. (In fairness, everybody else did go kind of batshit crazy first.)

Anyway. Here's some fic. )
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I am twelve years old. My age has been a burden to me since my father was assassinated while I hid in his wicker chest, two weeks after my eighth birthday. Too young to fight, to help, to take his place. I fought to be allowed to start school two years early (smaller than any of my classmates), did two years' work in each year, and I am just twelve while my classmates are nearly eighteen. Twelve, and small for my age, but I fight as well as a man. In my martial arts classes, I rank alongside young men of nineteen and twenty.

The sword work is new; I've only gotten tall enough to swing even a short sword in the last year. But I am a good fighter. It comes easily, naturally, even when I'm sparring with opponents who have six inches and a hundred pounds on me.

The point to sparring, War Savant said, was to ingrain the skills into your body, until you can react to threat without thought.

I am twelve years old, and tonight I killed my first man.

He swung at me, and I reacted without thinking, meeting his blade with my own, twisting it out of his hands, the fatal blow to his neck, exactly as I'd practiced dozens, hundreds, thousands of times. This time, though, my blade was sharp and I didn't pull my swing. Grey Waterfall nodded at me, like he was proud.

Mostly I felt sick.

And later on, I dropped a man with a kick to the head. It was so easy, so very easy. Just like I'd practiced.

Maybe I am anathema, after all. How else could I become a killer so easily?
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I was going to make an opt-in filter for my Exalted game, but I decided that if you're not interested in reading my roleplay blather you can just NOT READ IT not to.

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